About Hickory

Hickory Hippo is a children’s storybook series for ages 2 & up, featuring the fantastic adventures of Hickory Hippo and his animal friends. Each story sees the little hippo exploring his magical world and problem-solving to help talking snowmen, aquatic cats, hungry platypuses and more!

Debut Title: Hickory Hippo and the Snow Mystery

itemPackage1It has been snowing outside the Hippo house. When a Snowman needs help, Hickory Hippo must come to his rescue. Will Hickory and his new friend solve the mystery of the missing nose?




hickory_bio_artHickory wants to solve mysteries with you! He is a young hippo filled with courage and curiosity to explore the countryside surrounding Leaflake, a small town north of the Sleeping Willows. He must balance his desire to explore with his responsibilities, running errands and completing his chores, but sometimes even these lead to unexpected adventure. Magic, science and mystery await Hickory and his friends in Sleeping Willows, which is fine, so long as they get home in time for dinner.


plato_bio_artPlato is always hungry, although its not his fault. He is a platypus, an animal with a duck’s bill, a beaver-like body, webbed feet, and a big appetite. A platypus must eat 1/5th of his body weight everyday, so he is always looking for something… just to keep him going until dinner. Plato is one of Hickory’s best friends. He is happy to explore alongside Hickory in the hope of discovering new snacks and treats.


marshroom_bio_artMarshrooms are tiny creatures with short purple fur. They live in burrows between the roots of bushes and under rocks where they sleep most of the day. They come out after sunset to play when no one is likely to see them, as they are very shy little things. One such Marshroom might become Hickory’s friend. You will have to wait and see…



ridley_bio_artRidley is always getting himself into trouble, sometimes by accident, but more often because he does not listen. Hickory tells Ridley that he has very large ears but never seems to make any use of them! Despite being a handful, Ridley is one of Hickory’s and Plato’s good friends.

More coming soon…