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Well, here is some hippotastic news! The 32 page children’s storybook by husband and wife Rod and Leanne Hannah has arrived! Hickory Hippo and the Snow Mystery sees our little hero experience some winter fun as he helps a snowman get his smile back. The first in a series of children’s stories is now available to ship from the Hickory Hippo website and Amazon.com.


“And the experience of self-publishing was not without drama. The shipment from China was delayed at customs in the United States and arrived while we were out of the country. For several days a huge wooden pallet of shrink-wrapped books sat on our driveway, despite assurances that UPS had not yet made the delivery. In that time a mysterious van pulled up and two strangers started poking about and trying to tear into the boxes! Fortunately this was witnessed by our wonderful neighbor, Dot, who actually got out of bed and went outside her house at 3 AM in the morning to scare the would-be-theives off!

Thanks to Dot, you can now get a copy for yourself or the little ones in your life! And yes, Dot received the very first copy of Hickory Hippo for free!

So, now that Hickory Hippo is here, we will be shipping out all the preorders to our early bird supporters. We need your help to get Hickory Hippo into the hands of kids in time for Christmas. If you have a nephew, or neice, grandchildren, kids, friends, anyone in your life who would enjoy a sweet little children’s story about an adventurous and helpful Hippo named Hickory, then please give our book a shot!” — Rod Hannah

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