Meet the Creators

Leanne Hannah:

Leanne Hannah is an illustrator who has worked for Marvel Comics, Hasbro, Scholastic, and Mattel, amongst other companies. Her most recent work includes Casper and the Spectrals for Ardden Entertainment and Whatever Happened to Baron Von Shock? for Rob Zombie and Image Comics.

In her spare time she and her husband Rod collaborate on a Star Wars web comic called Blue Milk Special where they lovingly poke fun at the original Trilogy of films.

Rod and Leanne Hannah

Leanne currently lives in Maryland, loves studying history, is fiercely devoted to the Baltimore Ravens and Orioles, takes pride in her left-handedness and has more Beatles knowledge in her head than is probably healthy.

Rod William Hannah:

Rod William Hannah writes for the two-time Harvey Award winning Mice Templar (published by Image Comics) and the retro animation magazine Cereal:Geek. He has written and self-published the all-ages comic book Once Upon A Caper and popular ongoing webcomic series Blue Milk Special (now translated into five languages!). Rod has edited and lettered indie comics, including Kevin Conn’s Lava-Roid and Jim McCarter’s Pulverized. He is currently dividing time between various writing projects, including his first full-length children’s novel.

Born in England, Rod moved to New Zealand when he was 5 1/2 years old. Love brought him to the East Coast of America where he now works with his comic book illustrator wife, a girl from Southern Maryland named Leanne Hannah.

Both Rod and Leanne are Friends of the Legion, an honor bestowed by the 501st Legion charity cosplay organization, for their work on Blue Milk Special and charitable service.